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News - Not only the Beltrame Quattrocchi: in a book the stories of saintly spouses

Not only the Beltrame Quattrocchi: in a book the stories of saintly spouses


Not only the Beltrame Quattrocchi: in a book the stories of saintly spouses

Love as a way to holiness was the theme around which the last morning of the pastoral theological Congress, which held over two thousand delegates from 120 bishops' conferences from all over the world in the Paul VI Hall. On stage the reliquary of Blesseds Luigi and MariaBeltrame Quattrocchi, patrons of the 10th World Meeting. Next to the glass shrine spokethe grandson of the couple, Francesco Beltrame Quattrocchi, a university lecturer, adopted by the last child of the blessed couple, Enrichetta, declared venerable by Pope Francis last year.

"I did not have the chance to meet Luigi personally," he began, "because he passed away in 1951,a little less than two years before my birth, but I can say that I had the privilege and the gift of having been gift of having basically been an eyewitness to the approach to the lives of Luigi and Maria and their work over several decades, precisely because I have had the opportunity to observe them directly.I thus feel it is my duty to open up this gift, one of the many received, to the world'. Francesco Beltrame Quattrocchi then retraced the lives of the two blessed uncles, "two normal people who built an absolutely normal family", yet in their own way capable of transformation, "enlightened by the grace of Jesus", into a "living cell and generator of messages and actions, capable of listening and being heard". Louis and Mary "managed to carry out ordinary actions in an extraordinary way, in times that were sometimes very complex, such as those of the two world wars, which also saw them active protagonists, especially through the actions of their children,' Francis went on to explain.

Because saints in the end "are the opposite of heroes",a saint is "a poor man like me, with the same doubts, fears, weaknesses'. Word of Giovanni Scifoni, actor, author and director, who cure a web series dedicated to the 'Saint of the Day', in which he also, involves his wife Elisabetta and their three children. It was Mr and Mrs Scifoni who presented the book "Holiness in the families of the world", which during the 10th World Meeting was given to the two thousand delegates.

Thus one discovers not only the story of Blesseds Beltrame Quattrocchi, who lived through the horror of the two World Wars, but also of Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St Therese of Lisieux; of Sergio Bernardini and Domenica Bedonni; of Takashi Nagai and Midori Marina, in Nagasaki when the atomic bomb was dropped; of Cyprien and Daphrose, "a man and a woman going through all horror of the civil war in Rwanda'. Scifoni concludes: 'We see in our families and in those around us so many wars and many stories of pain. All these spouses,   these courageous, humble, small and fragile men and women, tell us that from any destruction, from any horror, God can create a holy family of Nazareth".